layer-fMRI abstracts at ISMRM and HBM 2018

The following is a personal selection of my must-see layer-fMRI abstracts presented at ISMRM and HBM in 2018. If I missed something, please let me know.


The corresponding videos are collected in this YouTube Playlist.

  • Educational Jonathan R. Polimeni: High Resolution Applications: Cortical Layers. Saturday 16:15 N03.
  • 0388 Laurentius Huber: Functional Mapping of Body Part Representations across Layers and Columns in Humans. Tue 08:15 N04.
  • 0389 Ying-Hua Chu: Cortical depth dependent resting state fMRI with motion correction. Tue 08:15, N04.
  • 0390 Anna I Blazejewska: Improved spatial specificity of the early positive BOLD response observed with high-resolution fMRI at 3T. Tue 08:15 N04.
  • 0391 Michelle Moerel: Columnar processing of acoustic features in human auditory cortex. Tue 08:15 N04.
  • 0392 Andrew Morgan: Cortical feedback to superficial layers of V1 contains predictive scene information. Tue 08:15, N04.
  • 0393 Yinghua Yu:Depth-dependent functional mapping of mental prediction in human somatosensory cortex . Tue 08:15, N04.
  • 0394 Sriranga Kashyap: True laminar resolution fMRI of the human visual cortex at 7T. Tue 08:15 N04.
  • 0395 Olivia Viessmann: The EPI rs-fMRI signal shows an orientation effect with respect to B0 and phase-encode axis across cortical depth Tue 08:15, N04.
  • 0396 Luca Vizioli: Estimating the Spatial Precision of Multivoxel Pattern of BOLD Response at 7T. Tue 08:15, N04.
  • 0397 Alberto Merola: Hypercapnic and hyperoxic laminar calibrated BOLD: are conventional models adequate? Tue 08:15 N04.
  • 0709 Tetiana Dadakova: Blood-volume imaging using GRASE-VASO at ultra-high field for layer specific fMRI in human brain. Wed 08:15, N04
  • 0708 Saskia Bollmann: BOLD fMRI with 0.5 mm isotropic voxel size and minimal in-plane distortion using 3D planes-on-a-paddlewheel (POP) EPI at 7 Tesla. Wed 08:15 N04.
  • 0870 Laurentius Huber: Differentiating neural and non-neural fMRI signals using CBV-BOLD fMRI. Wed 16:15 Powerpitch B.
  • 2299 Alberto Merola Modelling the laminar GRE-BOLD signal: integrating anatomical, physiological and methodological determinants. Wed 13:45 poster 2299.
  • 2301 Dimo Ivanov: Human whole-brain sub-millimeter cerebral blood flow map using 7T ASL. Wed 13:45 poster 2301.
  • 2364 Jelle van Dijk: Linear systems analysis of laminar sub-millimetre GE-EPI fMRI. Wed 13:45 Poster 2364.
  • 2380 Olivia Stanley: Comparing cortical layer activation using gradient echo with phase regression and spin echo in the human visual cortex. Wed 13:45 Poster 2380.
  • 2877 Pierre-Louis Bazin: Sulcal ridge alignment for laminar fMRI at 7T. Wed 13:45 Poster 2377.
  • 4127 Patrick Liebig: fMRI at 7 Tesla with 0.5mm Isotropic Resolution and Full Field of View. Tue 13:45 Computer 97.
  • 4229 Daniel J Park: Rapid multi-inversion SMS-EPI integrated with gradient-echo, spin-echo and diffusion-weighted EPI acquisitions. Tue 14:45 Computer 79.
  • 4548 Pu-Yeh Wu: Inter-subject correlation and adaptation effects across cortical depths in the human auditory cortex during natural music listening. Wed 08:15 Computer 41.
  • 4656 Pu-Yeh Wu: Frequency preference and tuning width dependent intrinsic functional connectivity within and across cortical depths in the human auditory cortex. Wed 09:15 Computer 29.
  • 4636 Kamil Uludag: Hemodynamic modeling of laminar resolution fMRI. Wed 09:15 Computer 9.
  • 5442 Sriranga Kashyap: Effect of optimised coil-combinations on high-resolution laminar fMRI at 9.4T. Thur 13:15 Computer 5.
  • 5446 An (Joseph) Vu: Dual reconstructions of SLIDER-XD for high spatial and temporal resolution resting state fMRI at 7T.  Thur 13:15 Computer 9.
  • 5447 An (Joseph) Vu: StImulus Locked K-space shuffling (SILK) for ultra-high resolution fMRI. Thur 13:15 Computer 10.
  • 5450 Guoxiang Liu: Block-Interleaved Segmented EPI for voxel-wise high-resolution fMRI studies at 7T. Thur 13:15 Computer 13.
  • 5468 Cheryl Olman: An automated method for assessing the accuracy of cross-modal registration in high-field fMRI. Thu 13:15 Computer 31.


    Layer specific dynamic causal modelling of MEG data – a feasibility analysis based on simulations. Poster 2339Jakob Heinzle

    Ultra-high-resolution fMRI: a critical assessment. Poster 1729Kendrick Kay

    Mapping color-selective columns in V2 across cortical depth using GE-EPI and SE-EPI. Poster 1758Daniel Haenelt

    Image SNR requirements for cortical surface reconstructions from sub-millimeter anatomical data. Poster 2586Natalia Zaretskaya

    Submillimeter 7 Tesla fMRI in Primary Visual Cortex during monocular stimulation. Poster 2856Gilles de Hollander

    Cortical feedback to superficial layers of V1 contains predictive scene information. Poster 2873Lars Muckli

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