layer-fMRI abstracts at SFN/OHBM/ISMRM 2019

The following is a personal selection of my must-see layer-fMRI abstracts presented at SFN/OHBM/ISMRM 2019. If I missed something, please let me know (



  • 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, 092.12/ BB63. Poster, O. STANLEY, Phase-based macrovascular filtering from gradient echo bold fMRI reduces orientation dependence.


  • 8:00 am – 8:15 am, 111.01/Room S402. Nanosymposium talk, J. TOWNSEND: Non-invasive mapping of acoustic-phonetic speech features in human superior temporal gyrus using ultra-high field 7T fMRI.
  • 11:00 am – 12:00 am, 141.04/K28Poster, T. LIU: Affective processing of face stimuli in human primary visual cortex.


  • 8:00 am – 8:15 am, 272.01/Room S405, Nanosymposium Talk, T. NAVARRO SCHRÖDER: Origin and distribution of grid-cell-like representations in humans
  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am. 312.26/N43Poster, A. S. PERSICHETTI: Layer specific contributions to imagined and executed hand movements in primary motor cortex.
  • 10:00 am – 10:15 am. 268.09/Room N427. Nanosymposium Talk, J. BERGMANN: Superficial V1 layers contain information on visual illusions, whereas mental imagery is decodable in deep V1 layers.


  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am. 490.06/N3Poster, J. ORTIZ-TUDELA: Decoding memory-specific feedback signals from early visual areas.
  • 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. 577.17/K16. Poster, K. NAVARRO, Structural measures of magno- and parvocellular projections in visual cortex using ultra-high field fMRI.


  • 10:00 am-  11:00 am, 664.23/J24. Poster, W. LIN: Feature based attention modulates BOLD signals of parvocellular layers in human lateral geniculate nucleus.



Educational: fMRI at the Resolution Scale of Cortical Columns and Layers

  • 8:00 Wietske van der Zwaag: From Spins to Laminar Function: The physics of high-field, high resolution MRI
  • 8:35 David Norris: Choices of Imaging Readout at 7 Tesla
  • 9:10 Amir Shmuel: Analysis of the Spatial Specificity of BOLD and Cerebral Blood Volume fMRI: Reliable, optimized decoding and high-resolution imaging of cortical columns
  • 10:05 Laurentius Huber: Non-BOLD Contrasts to Improve the Interpretability of High-resolution fMRI in Humans
  • 10:40 Jonathan Polimeni: Preprocessing and Analysis Strategies for Laminar fMRI
  • 11:20 Rainer Goebel: Revealing Detailed Neural Correlates of Human Perception and Cognition Using Ultra-high Field fMRI


Industry Symposia: SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS 12:00 – 14:30 Theatre Studio

  • Christina Triantafyllou: Exploring New Frontiers in MRI
  • Lars Muckli: Layer Specific Brain Reading at Submillimeter Resolution fMRI with 7T MAGNETOM Terra


  • 2093 Anneke Alkemade: 7 Tesla MRI followed by histological 3D reconstructions in whole-brain specimens
  • 2627 Robert Turner: Multi-shot inversion recovery EPI with SMS excitation for high spatial resolution T1-mapping
  • 2899 Faruk Gulban: 9.4T MRI reveals mesoscopic cortical gray matter vasculature in vivo
  • 3374 Uk-Su Choi: Vessel segmentation using MP2RAGE images at 7T MRI
  • 2885 Elisa Zamboni: Ultra-high field fMRI reveals cortical depth specificity for adaptation in the human visual cortex


  • 2394 Olivia Viessmann: Testing vascular contributions to BOLD spin-echo EPI signals with cortical B0 orientation effects
  • 2422 Marilia Menezes de Oliveira: Detectability of ocular dominance and orientation preference in V1 using fMRI
  • 2591 Adnan Shah: EPI based distortion- and resolution-matched T1-Like anatomy for submillimeter-resolution fMRI at 7T
  • 2965 Daniel Haenelt: Reliable 3D mapping of ocular dominance columns in humans using GE-EPI fMRI at 7 T
  • 4338 Luca Vizioli: Depth dependent attentional modulations observed with high temporal resolution BOLD fMRI at 7T
  • 4995 Kimberly Weldon: Eye selectivity peaks in middle layers of human visual cortex: evidence from 7T fMRI data
  • 3176 Emily Finn: Layer-dependent activity in human prefrontal cortex during working memory. Talk at 11:30
  • 4584 Martin Havlicek: Estimating laminar neuronal response using a hemodynamic model of depth-dependent BOLD signal. Talk at 11:30
  • 1739 Daisie Pakenham: Assessing somato- and mototopic organisation in Focal Hand Dystonia using high-resolution 7T fMRI
  • 4264 Shahin Nasr: V1 BOLD fluctuations are influenced by global stimulus properties – A high-resolution fMRI study


  • 3687 Icaro Oliveira: Comparing VASO and BOLD responses elicited by different hand movement rates at 7T
  • 4979 Atena Akbari: Laminar Signal Change of BOLD and VASO in Human Visual Cortex at 7T
  • 4666 Jingyuan Chen: Differentiating neural and non-neural components in fMRI using cross-cortical depth delay patterns



  • Educational Jeroen Siero: High Spatial Resolution fMRI, Saturday 10:35 710B.
  • Educational Martin Havlicek: HRF: Modeling & Transients. Saturday 13:50 710B.
  • Educational Laurentius Huber: Laminar Physiology. Saturday 14:10 710B.


  • 0062 Talk Mukund Balasubramanian: Tangential and radial diffusion in human primary somatosensory and motor cortex: evidence from in-vivo line-scan acquisitions at 7T with 250–500 micron radial resolution, Monday 08:15, 511BCEF.
  • 0203 Talk Evelyn Lake: Spanning spatiotemporal scales with simultaneous mesoscopic calcium imaging and functional MRI, Monday 13:45, 710A.
  • 0204 Talk Michèle Desjardins: Multimodal awake mouse imaging: from two-photon microscopy to BOLD-fMRI. Monday, 13:45, 710A.
  • 0205 Talk Rebekka Bernard: Ultra high field BOLD measurements combined with simultaneous determination of blood oxygenation and blood volume by optical imaging. Monday, 13:45, 710A.


  • 0360 PowerPitch Chengwen Liu: Attention modulation of layer-specific signals in human visual cortex. Tuesday 08:15, Theater C.
  • 0361 PowerPitch Daisie Pakenham: Assessing somatotopic and mototopic organisation in Focal Hand Dystonia using high-resolution 7T fMRI. Tuesday 08:15, Theater C.
  • 0366 PowerPitch Laurentius Huber: Measuring layer-dependent CBV fMRI in the visual system. Tuesday, 08:15, Theater C.
  • 0371 PowerPitch Burak Akin: Microstrip Array Insert for Head Coils: Towards Layer fMRI at High Fields. Tuesday, 08:15, Theater C.
  • 0536 Talk Anna I Blazejewska: Testing temporal dependence of spatial specificity in BOLD fMRI at 7T: comparing short versus long stimulus duration. Tuesday, 13:30, 516C-E.
  • 0537 Talk Michaël Bernier: Prospects for improving neuronal specificity of fMRI with Ferumoxytol: an evaluation of vascular segmentation and cortical depth-dependent analysis. Tuesday, 13:30, 516C-E.
  • 0608 Talk Laurentius Huber: Measuring layer-dependent fMRI activity across layers in cognitive brain areas: challenges and capabilities. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D .
  • 0609 Talk Sriranga Kashyap: Laminar CBF and BOLD fMRI in the human visual cortex using arterial spin labelling at 7T. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0610 Talk Yuhui Chai: A Novel Intravascular Contrast for Laminar Functional MRI. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0611 Talk Hang Zeng: Concurrent intracellular calcium recordings with laminar fMRI mapping. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0612 Talk Daniel Sharoh: Whole brain depth-dependent task based connectivity with laminar fMRI. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0614 Talk Jingyuan Chen: De-noising high-resolution fMRI data using cortical depth-dependent analysis. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0616 Talk Luca Vizioli: Probing spatio-temporal information during attention modulations in humans with sub-second sampling of cortical depth dependent BOLD fMRI signals at 7T. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0615 Talk Yazhu Qian: Robust detection of layer-specific activities in the human LGN. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0613 Talk Yinghua Yu: Increased activity in superficial and deep layers of human S1 for prediction error. Tuesday ,15:45, 510A-D.
  • 0617 Talk Jiajia Yang: High-resolution fMRI maps of columnar organization in human primary somatosensory cortex. Tuesday, 15:45, 510A-D.

Posters on Wednesday

  • 3715 Poster Joerg Pfannmoelle: Quantification of draining vein dominance across cortical depths in BOLD fMRI from first principles using realistic Vascular Anatomical Networks. Wednesday, 13:30, Poster Hall, Computer 36.
  • 3725 Poster Marcello Venzi: VASO signal decreases associated with BOLD increases: a possible role of CSF volume redistribution. Wednesday, 13:30, Poster Hall, .
  • 3933 Poster Jeroen Siero: Implementing human line-scanning fMRI: Initial results of ultra-high temporal and spatial resolution fMRI. Wednesday, 14:30, Poster Hall.
  • 3934 Poster Suhyung Park: Sub-Millimeter Resolution Compressed Sensing GRASE for T2-Weighted Functional MRI at 7 Tesla. Wednesday, 14:30, Poster Hall.


  • 4420 Poster Rüdiger Stirnberg: T1 Mapping at 7T Using a Novel Inversion-Recovery Look-Locker 3D-EPI Sequence. Thursday, 08:15, Poster Hall, Computer 47
  • 1167 Talk Seong Dae Yun: Full-FOV, Whole-brain, Half-millimetre Resolution fMRI at 7T using Accelerated multi-band EPIK with TR-external Phase Correction. Thursday, 13:45, 520A-F.
  • 1168 Talk Nadine N Graedel: Ultra-high spatial resolution TURBINE fMRI at 7T. Thursday, 13:45, 520A-F.
  • 1169 Talk Avery Berman: High-resolution segmented-accelerated EPI using Variable Flip Angle FLEET with tailored slice profiles. Thursday, 13:45, 520A-F.
  • 1252 Talk Arjan D. Hendriks: Pushing fMRI spatial and temporal resolution further: high density receive arrays combined with shot-selective 2D CAIPIRINHA for 3D EPI scans at 7T. Thursday, 16:00, 520A-F.


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