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Twitter @layerfMRI

High-field scanner google-map

Github layerfMRI

Youtube layerfMRI

Lab home page at SFIM

List of layer-fMRI papers in humans

Citations in google scholar

Citations on Pubmed

List-serv of all layer-people is laminar.imaging.network@gmail.com

Example VASO data (finger-tapping 12 min M1): https://activecho.cit.nih.gov/t/i5d1hoj6
Example VASO data of visual cortex (raw and processed): https://activecho.cit.nih.gov/t/4cr7u5fr
Example VASO data of finger representations (raw and processed): https://activecho.cit.nih.gov/t/eq1ko5lj

Virtual-box of NeuroDebian with all software installed: https://nimhactivecho.nimh.nih.gov/t/libijxy7

CV from Renzo: CV

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