Documentation of Installing an IDEA VirtualBox for VE11 from OVA

This post documents the installation of an IDEA VE11 virtual box on a mac as done on May 14th 2018

Big thanks to Andy for figuring out how this works


  • Here I start with a already built images of IDEA on windows vista and mars on Ubuntu. the images from FMRIF can be taken from IDEA_ve11c-mars.ova and IDEA_ve11c+vd13d+vd13a.ova
  • Virtual box software can be downloaded here.

Importing OVA images into virtual box

Screenshot 2018-05-14 12.41.07.png
Import with the “Import Appliance” button. Brows to the files and click “open”

This needs to be done for MARS and the Windows image.

Setting up network for MARS

Start mars in VitrualBox with a double click. It might take a while at the beginning with the following message. 20180514_111818.jpg

It gives up after a few minutes and you can login as root.

Screenshot 2018-05-14 12.48.24.png

Open the network file with
vi /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

It might look like the following:

Screenshot 2018-05-14 12.53.05.png

Remove the upper two lines and change the “eth1” to “eth0” and save it. You can remind yourself about the vi shortcuts here.

Then open the file /etc/network/interfaces with

vi /etc/network/interfaces

It might look like the following:

Screenshot 2018-05-14 12.58.36.png
remember this number because we will need it later for setting up windows.

Reboot  with


From now on the booting process should be much faster.

Screenshot 2018-05-14 13.29.33.png
Sidenote: In case the mouse is “trapped”, it can be released with the right command key.

Changing VirtualBox Networks settings of MARS

Screenshot 2018-05-14 13.23.04.png
Click sequence to change the VirtualBox network connection for MARS: 1.) select mars image, 2.) Settings, 3.) Network, 4.) Attached to, 5.) select Host-only Adapter and click ok.

Make sure that you select the Host-only adapter vboxnet0. In case it is not there you can manually create one by running the following command on the host

$ VBoxManage hostonlyif create

Reboot mars again.

Setting up Windows in Virtual box

Allowing virtual box to resize the screen.

In Virtual box, select the Windows image and go to Storage settings.

Setting up Windows network preferences

In the VirtualBox menu do the following:

  1. Select the Windows virtual box
  2. go to Settings
  3. Network
  4. Host-only Networks
  5. select vboxnet0
  6. click on the screwdriver

Screenshot 2018-05-14 13.45.05.png

6.) in “Adapter”, change the IP address to the address from mars.

Screenshot 2018-05-14 13.48.48.png
note the “65”

7.) in DHCP change the “65” too.

Screenshot 2018-05-14 13.50.53.png

8.) Include a second Network adapter

Screenshot 2018-05-14 13.54.06.png
See also comment from Alard Roebroeck below. Alard found out that in Virtual Box version 6, its not called “vboxnet0” aymore. Instead, it is called “Virtual Box Host-Only Ethernet Adapter”.

9.) Reboot

10.) check the network preferences in Windows:

At the end, IDEA needs to know the IP-address of MARS. If this is not set already. it can be done in the IDEA console with

Screenshot 2018-05-14 16.18.06.png

ExternalMArs true -ip

Setting up shared folder

In the VirtualBox setting, select the virtual box and click on settings. Go the Shared folder and brows to the path of the folder, you want to have access to.

Screenshot 2018-05-14 14.24.20.png

After a reboot, it should be available as a separate drive:


Comment from Alard Roebroeck on Virtual Box 6

“So in Virtual Box 6 (I believe you use 5), the section ‘Setting up Windows network preferences’ works broadly similar, but different in details. Rather than needing to change the Network settings for the virtual machine, you need to change them (especially the ip address for the Host-Only adapter) in VirtualBox-> File -> Host Network Manager… . The host-only adapter is now called ‘Virtual Box Host-Only Ethernet Adapter’ (instead of vboxnet0). All else is pretty much the same, once you replace ‘vboxnet0’ with ‘Virtual Box Host-Only Ethernet Adapter’ in your instructions for the virtual machine network settings.”

Tips for compiling sequences:

  • Start as administrator  Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 12.03.35.png
  • The relevant CPP file is the one in the seq folder (not in the sub folder)
  • When copying a new sequence into the seq folder prepare it with regtarg and confirm it twice with Y.
  • When you compiled the sequence, there should be a SEQUENCENAME.dll and file.
  • Put them both at the scanner (as Advances user) in /Medcom/MRICustomer/seq/
  • In Syngo you can import it:
    • View -> Dot Cockpit -> ProgramEditor -> Edit -> Default -> Default sequences

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