2020 layer-fMRI abstracts

This page lists all of my favourite layer-fMRI conference abstracts from 2020.

OHBM, ISMRM, SFN abstracts are added as they are published. ISMRM will follow on July 24th.

ISMRM conference 2020

Note: Since Monday July 27th, ISMRM included a paywall for the videos. To view them now, one needs to be registered and logged in here. (e.g. in a different tab of the browser)


Luca Vizioli: fMRI at High Spatial Resolutions: Layers & Columns. Video and Abstract

Harald Möller: Non-BOLD fMRI. Video and abstract.

Rüdiger Stirnberg: State-of-the-Art Echo-Planar BOLD Acquisition. Video and Abstract

Daniel E. Gomez: Introduction fMRI: BOLD Acquisition & Practical Considerations. Video and Abstract

Klaus Scheffler: From Microvasculature Dynamics to Functional Signals, Contrast Mechanisms & Field Strength Dependence. Video

Bojana Stefanovic: From Microvasculature Dynamics to Functional Signals, Vascular Network & Signal Origins, Video

Kamil Ugurbil: Ultra-High Field Imaging, Video.

Joint MICCAI-ISMRM session (oral)

Jonathan Polimeni: Small Sample Size, Unprecedented Data Quality: Challenges & Opportunities in High-End Data Acquisition. Video and Abstract

Resting-state session (oral)

Patricia Pais-Roldán: Cross-cortical Depth-dependent Interactions in the Human Brain using EPIK. Video and Abstract

fMRI acquisition and analysis session (oral)

Huilou Liang: Implementing multi-echo balanced SSFP with a sequential phase-encoding order at 7T. Video and Abstract

Wei Zhu: Ultrahigh-resolution Laminar fMRI Mapping of Cat Visual Cortex at 9.4T: Comparison of 2D GE-EPI and 3D iv-GRASE Sequences. Video and Abstract

fMRI application session (oral)

Russell Chan: Laminar fMRI using layer-specific optogenetic stimulations. Video and Abstract.

Uk-Su Choi: Layer-dependent repetition suppression in the human visual cortex. Video and Abstract

layer and columns fMRI session (oral)

Yuhui Chai: A magnetization transfer weighted anatomical reference allows laminar fMRI analysis in native functional image space. Video and Abstract.

Fuyixue Wang: Cortical-depth dependence of pure T2-weighted BOLD fMRI with minimal T2’ contamination using Echo-Planar Time-resolved Imaging (EPTI). Video and Abstract.

Andrew Morgan: High-resolution line-scanning reveals distinct visual response properties across human cortical layers. Video and Abstract.

Suhyung Park: Highly Accelerated Sub-Millimeter Resolution 3D GRASE with Controlled T2 Blurring in T2-Weighted FMRI at 7T: Feasibility Study. Video and Abstract.

Xingfeng Shao: In-vivo laminar CBF fMRI using high-resolution pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling at 7T. Video and Abstract.

Laurentius Huber: Mapping directional functional connectivity across brain-wide networks with layer-specific CBV-fMRI. Video and Abstract.

Daniel Haenelt: Mapping ocular dominance columns in humans using GE-EPI, SE-EPI and SS-SI-VASO at 7 T. Video and Abstract.

Atena Akbari: Modelling the Laminar VASO Signal Change in Human V1 at 7T. Video and Abstract.

Jacco de Zwart: On the feasibility of using single-shot perfusion labeling (SSPL) at 7 Tesla for laminar fMRI. Video and Abstract.

Lars Kasper: Sub-Millimeter Spiral fMRI Combining Magnitude and Phase BOLD Contrast. Video and Abstract.

Physiology to BOLD session (oral)

Mario G. Báez-Yáñez: Investigation of the dynamic fingerprint of the BOLD fMRI signal based on a novel statistical 3D cortical vascular network of the human brain. Video and  Abstract.

Joerg Peter Pfannmoeller: The role of rapid capillary resistance decreases in the BOLD response assessed through simulations in a realistic vascular network. Video and Abstract.

Aneurin J Kennerley: Cross species validation of the layer-fMRI VASO contrast mechanism: data comparison against pre-clinical 2D-OIS and CBV-MRI gold standards. Video and Abstract.

Advances in Quantitative MRI (oral)

Omer Faruk Gulban: 7T in-vivo human T2* mapping at 350μm isotropic resolution using ME-GRE with flow artifact mitigation reveals cortical layers & vessels. Video and Abstract

fMRI in animal models (oral)

Sangcheon Choi: Distinguish hemodynamic responses at the white matter tract from the laminar-specific gray matter fMRI signal with line-scanning fMRI, Video and Abstract

Won Beom Jung: Functional dissection of somatosensory processing pathways in mice, Video and Abstract

Multi-modal brain function (oral)

Daniel Marsh: Assessing the origin of human alpha oscillations using laminar layer 7T fMRI-EEG. Video and Abstract

Probing Physiology with fMRI (oral)

Saskia Bollmann: Geometrically accurate imaging of the pial arterial vasculature of the human brain in vivo with high-resolution time-of-flight angiography at 7T. Video and Abstract

Hyun Seok Moon: Effect of inhibitory neural activities to BOLD fMRI. Video and Abstract.

Perfusion and Permeability (oral)

Michaël Bernier: Human cerebral white-matter vasculature imaged using the blood-pool contrast agent Ferumoxytol: bundle-specific vessels and vascular density. Video and Abstract


Seong Dae Yun, Detection of Cortical Depth-dependent Functional Activation using Whole-brain, Half-millimetre Resolution EPIK at 7T, Poster and Abstract.

Ashley York: A cortical-depth-dependent analysis of fingertip maps in human somatosensory cortex measured at ultra-high field (7T). Poster and Abstract

Laurentius Huber: Beyond the limits of layer-dependent CBV fMRI in humans: strategies towards whole brain coverage, sub-second TR, and very high 0.5mm resolutions. Video and Abstract

Hankyeol Lee: Comparison of 2D and 3D EPI for high-resolution functional imaging at 7T MRI. Poster and Abstract.

Adnan Shah: Distortion- and Resolution-Matched T1w-Like Anatomy for Investigating Depth-Dependent Activity in Submillimeter-Resolution fMRI at 7T. Slides and  Abstract.

Guoxiang Liu: Simultaneous functional and anatomical high-resolution
imaging using BISEPI at 7T, Slides and Abstract

Luisa Raimondo: Functional line-scanning in humans with ultra-high spatiotemporal resolution: reconstruction and BOLD sensitivity assessment. Video and Abstract.

Luca Vizioli: Multislab multiband 3D EPI for simultaneous high spatial and temporal resolution at 7T. Poster and Abstract.

Sriranga Kashyap: Characterising the effect of flip angle in the acquisition of sub-millimetre resolution 3D GE-EPI at 7T. Poster and Abstract.

Daniel Gomez: Apparent attenuation of BOLD macro-vascular contributions with high-frequency stimuli. Video and Abstract.

Avery Berman: Segmented spin-echo BOLD fMRI using a variable flip angle FLEET acquisition with recursive RF pulse design for high spatial resolution fMRI, Video and Abstract

Ícaro A F de Oliveira: BOLD and CBV nonlinear responses during a hand movement task with increasing movement rate using 3D-EPI VASO at 7T, Poster and Abstract.

Catarina Rua: Layer-dependent Transient Saturation Transfer MRI at 7T, Poster and Abstract.

FENS layer-fMRI Webinar 2020

Lars Muckli: Introduction: Video

Uri Hasson: Hierarchical Process Memory: Video

Marios Philiastides: Inferring macroscale network dynamics via EEG-fMRI fusion: Video

Rainer Goebel: Mesoscale UHF fMRI in humans: Video

Andrew Morgan: Investigating contextual processing with high resolution fMRI: Video

Matthew Larkum: Human cortical neurons: XOR and much more: Video

Matthew Self: Benchmarking laminar fMRI: Video

BRAIN initiative PI conference 2020

Abstract book: https://bit.ly/BrainPI-2020-Abstracts

Register here.

Thanks to Sean Marrett for pointing me to it.

OHBM 2020

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