How to install nifty QuickLook

In this blogpost I describe how to install the DTI-TK NIfTI quicklook plugin for nii files for mac OS.

I want to thank Peter Molfese for making me aware of this program and for showing me how to install it. Below you find a description of the necessary steps he underwent to install it on my computer.

1.) Download the dmg file

On the website from DTI-TK, you can download: DTITK_QuickLook_v2.21.dmg. You might need a NITRIC account for it.

2.) Placing it at the right location

Create a new folder called “Quicklook” in you Library folder (directly in you root directory). You can access the Library folder by pressing the alt-key while being in the Go menu.

Open the downloaded “DTITK_QuickLook_v2.21.dmg” drive and place the file DTITK_QuickLookPlugin.qlgenerator into the new Quicklook folder.

3.) run QLmanage

Run the line

qlmanage -r

in the terminal.

In the latest version of MACOS, one also need to allow the program to be executed. (System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General, Allow)

At the end, the nii quicklook preview should be integrated in Finder. Screenshot 2018-07-30 13.53.45.png

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