The relationship of layer-fMRI with other fields: a graphical story in cynical metaphors

This is the second blog post about graphic representations of cynical metaphors. The first post on graphical metaphors was about finding best layer-fMRI sequence and can be found here. This one is about how layer-fMRI fits into the landscape of other disciplines.

layer-fMRI and scanner vendors

layer-fMRI and aristocracy

layer-fMRI and electrophysiological neuroscience #1

layer-fMRI and electrophysiological neuroscience #2

layer-fMRI and cognitive neuroscientist doing fast fMRI

layer-fMRI publishing #1: pro wrestling and peer review

layer-fMRI publishing #2: financial investment and high impact factor

layer-fMRI publishing #3: astronomy and low N

layer-fMRI and theoretical physics

layer-fMRI and modern reproducible science

layer-fMRI and statistics #1

layer-fMRI and statistics #2

layer-fMRI in the hierarchy of technology providers

layer-fMRI and philosophy of mind


  • I thanks Tyler Morgan, Faruk Gulban, and Sebastian Dresbach for feedback and improvement suggestions of the metaphors.
  • The metaphor of the traffic jam is inspired by Michael Breakspear at his Neurosaliance podcast episode.
  • The metaphor of the black hole is inspired by experience with of a study with Lonike Faes and Federico de Martino.
  • The metaphor about the war map is inspired by reviewer comments of this study.
  • The metaphor with the Pizza is literally copy-pasted from this twitter conversation.
  • The metaphor of the iterative sub-disciplines is inspired by discussions with Federico de Martino and Faruk Gulban.
  • Thanks to countless reviewers for pointing out the limitations of layer-fMRI. This was inspiring for this (therapeutical) blog post.

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