Layer-fMRI VASO worldwide

This blog post gives an overview of the scientific network of researchers that are using the VASO (vascular space occupancy) for applications in layer-fMRI. I tried to give an overview of all layer-fMRI VASO papers published so far and provide a map of all layer-fMRI VASO labs around the globe. Continue reading “Layer-fMRI VASO worldwide”

Technical aspects of the BOLD correction in SS-SI VASO

Authors: Denis Chaimow1, Sebastian Dresbach2, Renzo Huber2

  1. Max-Planck Institute Leipzig (CBS)
  2. Maastricht University

This post is the result of many discussions across the authors and posted here for the purpose of providing details of the commonly used BOLD correction in SS-SI-VASO sequences. It describes the inherent assumptions, it’s limits and, some nuances in improved the analysis pipeline.

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