Layer-fMRI abstracts 2022

This page collects layer-fMRI abstracts from neuro imaging conferences in 2022. This is following the tradition of layer-fMRI abstracts in the previous years: layer-fMRI abstracts 2019, layer-fMRI abstracts 2020, and layer-fMRI abstracts 2021. Comments and completions are welcome (

ISMRM in London

Link to conference (May 7th-May12th):

Note, the link to the proceedings required login credentials. The link to the open abstract it available for everyone.

Monday May 9th 09:15: Gather Town Pitches (South West, 1)

Monday, 09 May 15:45 – 16:45: Posters (Exhibition Hall:S8 & S9)

  • #1106 Computer 11: A. Berman (MGH): Improved high-resolution fMRI image quality with simultaneous multislice VFA-FLEET using a novel multi-kernel slice-GRAPPA algorithm. (proceedings abstract, open abstract, Pathable).

Monday May 9th 17:00- 19:00: Gather Town Pitches (South West, 1)

Tuesday, 10 May 14:30 – 15:30: Powerpitch Talks (Power Pitch Theatre 1)

Tuesday, 10 May 17:45 – 18:45: Powerpitch Talks (Power Pitch Theatre)

  • #0362: S. Sengupta (Vanmderbilt): Shuttered Echo Planar fMRI with Dynamic Motion and Phase Correction. (open abstract, Pathable).

Tuesday, 10 May 18:45 – 19:45. Poster

  • #1829 PF Yang (Vanderbilt): Layer-specific microsimulation of S2 cortex revealed distinct functional microcircuits in non-human primate brain (abstract, Pathable)

Wednesday, 11 May 09:15 – 11:15. Talks (S11 (Breakout B))

Wednesday May 11th 14:30-15:30. Poster (Exhibition Hall:S8 & S9)

Wednesday May 11th 15:30-16:30. Poster (Exhibition Hall:S8 & S9)

Wednesday, 11 May 16:45 – 18:45 Talks (N11 (Breakout A)):

Thursday, 12 May 14:45 – 15:45: Talks: Power Pitch: Power Pitch Theatre 2

Thursday, 12 May 14:45 – 16:45 Talks (S11 (Breakout A)):

  • #0682: G. Hartung (MGH) 14:57: Simulated fMRI responses using human Vascular Anatomical Network models with varying architecture and dynamics. (proceedings abstract, open abstract, Pathable).

Invited Lectures:

  • Peter Koopmans: The Higher, the Better: Acquisition & Analysis at Ultra-High Field, Tuesday, 10 May 08:00, ICC Capital Suite 14-16, Sunrise lecture (Pathable).
  • Seong-Gi Kim: Preclinical Simultaneous fMRI & Electrophysiology. Thursday, 12 May. 8:00 ICC Capital Hall 1, Sunrise lecture.
  • Kamil Ugurbil: Finding Ecstasy & Agony in a Marriage Between Physics & Neuroscience, Thursday, 12 May. 19:30, ICC Auditorium, Mansfield Lecture.

ISMRM Benelux meeting in Maastricht

Link to workshop (April 25th 2022):

Powerpitch (time: 9:45, room: Brussels/Paris)

  • PP 005 Sebastian Dresbach: High temporo-spatial resolution VASO reveals differential laminar reactivity to event-related stimuli at 7T. Abstract.

Poster session 1 (odd numbered posters) (time 12:15-12:45, room: Praetorium)

  • P 055 Ícaro Agenor Ferreira Oliveira: Comparing population Receptive Field mapping using VASO-CBV and BOLD. Abstract.

Poster session 2 (even numbered posters) (time 14:00-14:30, room: Praetorium)

  • P 012 Luisa Raimondo: Spin-echo line-scanning at 7T. Abstract.
  • P 052 Kenshu Koiso: Towards whole-brain layer-fMRI connectivity: methodological advancements for functional layer connectomics. Abstract.
  • P 056 Alessandra Pizzuti: Laminar and columnar functional organization of human area MT using VASO at 7T. Abstract.
  • P 062 Nikos Priovoulos: Combining Arterial Blood Contrast with BOLD improves fMRI laminar specificity. Abstract.

Oral session (time 14:30, room: Brussels)

  • O 015 Lonike Faes: CBV-sensitive layer-fMRI in the human auditory cortex at 7T: Challenges and capabilities. Abstract.

Oral session (time 16:00, room Paris)

  • O 029 Emiel Roefs: The Relative Contribution of the Vascular Architecture and Reactivity to the BOLD signal Formation. Abstract.
  • O 030 Alejandro Monreal: Combining the benefits of 3D acquisitions and spiral readouts in VASO fMRI. Abstract.
  • O 031 Deni Kurban: VASO fMRI using 2D-SMS spiral readouts. Abstract.

UHF Workshop by ISMRM in Lisbon

Link to workshop (March 18th – March 22nd):

  • Kaihua Zhang, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD, USA: Differential Laminar Activation in the Medial & Lateral Entorhinal Cortex in the Human Brain Revealed by Laminar Functional MRI at 7T. (abstract).
  • Kenshu Koiso, B.Sc, The University of Electro-Communications, Chofu, Japan: Towards Whole-Brain Layer-fMRI Connectivity: Methodological Advancements for Functional Layer Connectomics. (abstract).
  • Alessandra Pizzuti, Ph.D. Candidate, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands: Laminar & Columnar Functional Organization of Human Area MT Using VASO at 7T. (abstract)
  • Luca Vizioli, Ph.D. University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN, USA: Ultra-High Resolution Human Functional Imaging Using 10.5 Tesla. (abstract).
  • Daniel C. Marsh, M.Sc., University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England, UK: Laminar Layer 7T fMRI-EEG Reveals Human Alpha Oscillations Are Predominately From Superficial & Deep Layers. (abstract).
  • Sebastian Dresbach, Ph.D. Candidate, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands: High Temporo-Spatial Resolution VASO Reveals Differential Laminar Reactivity to Short Stimuli at 7T (poster).
  • Christoph A. Rettenmeier, Ph.D., University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, USA: Pseudo-Golden Angle 3D Radial Echo-Planar Imaging for BOLD Functional MRI at Ultra-High Field. (abstract).
  • Logan T. Dowdle, Ph.D. University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN, USA: Uncovering depth-dependent and task-modulated activation in the ventral temporal lobe with ultra-high field fMRI. (abstract).
  • Michael Asghar, Ph.D., Nottingham, UK: Two-dimensional population receptive field mapping of human primary somatosensory cortex. (abstracts).
  • Laurentius Huber, Ph.D, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Probing Cortical Circuitry: Laminar fMRI in Humans. (invited lecture).
  • Seong-Gi Kim, Ph.D. Institute for Basic Science & Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea: Hemodynamic fMRI at Ultra-High Fields: Toward Systems Neuroscience Research. (material not available yet).
  • David Feinberg, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA: Nex-Gen 7T, Berkeley. (synopsis).

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