layer-fMRI abstracts 2021

In this post collects layer-fMRI abstracts of the main neuroimaging conferences. This is following the tradition of layer-fMRI abstracts in the previous years: layer-fMRI abstracts 2019, layer-fMRI abstracts 2020

Minnesota high field workshop 2021

Link to Workshop (Oct 20th- Oct 22nd):

  • 029 – Logan T. Dowdle (CMRR, UMN) Using ultra-high field fMRI to uncover layer-specific activation along the ventral temporal lobe, abstract PDF (gdrive mirror).
  • 030 – Chengwen Liu (Central South University, China) 7T CBV fMRI reveal cortical microcircuits of bottom-up saliency in the human brain, abstract PDF (gdrive mirror).
  • 005 – Laurentius (Renzo) Huber (Uni Maastricht) Measuring Changes in Arterial and Venous Cerebral Blood Volume in Human Dystonia Brain at 7T, abstract PDF (gdrive mirror).
  • 034 – Logan Dowdle (CMRR, UMN) Gains in precision and signal for functional neuroimaging data after applying NOise reduction with DIstribution Corrected PCA (NORDIC). abstract PDF (gdrive mirror).


  • S4.P16 – J. Heij (Spinoza) A framework for optimal planning during ultrahigh spatiotemporal resolution line-scanning. abstract pdf.
  • S4.P18 – R. Huber (Uni Maastricht) Does the field strength matter? Comparing layer-fMRI VASO across 3 T, 7 T, and 9.4 T. abstract pdf.
  • S6.O4 – Passarinho (Uni Lisbon) Noise removal in line-scanning fMRI. abstract pdf.

OHBM 2021

ISMRM 2021

Abstracts are available to anyone. Videos are available for attendees, only (ask me for access).

  • SIEMENS Lunch Symposium – David Feinberg (Berkeley) – Project to Develop a Next Generation 7T MRI Brain Scanner for High Resolution Imaging, video.
  • E5857 – Kamil Ugurbil (CMRR) – 30 Years of fMRI: Historical Perspective I, video
  • E5858 – Bruce Rosen (MGH) – 30 Years of fMRI: Historical Perspective II, video.
  • Educational: E5861 – Emmanuel Barbier (Grenoble Institute Neurosciences) – Non-BOLD: Imaging Blood Volume & Perfusion, video.
  • E5860 – Wietske van der Zwaag (Spinoza) – fMRI Acquisition Methods, video.
  • 0096 – Faruk Gulban (Maastricht) – In vivo human T2* imaging at 0.35 mm reveals up to 15 ms of local variations within gray matter across depths at 7T, abstract, video.
  • 0462 – Luca Vizioli (CMRR), A Paradigm Change in Functional Brain Mapping: Suppressing the Thermal Noise in fMRI, abstract, video.
  • 0466 – Renzo Huber (Uni Maastricht) LayNii: A software suite for layer-fMRI, abstract, video.
  • 0467 – Xingfeng Shao (UCSC) Layer-dependent 7T ASL reveals sensory input and motor output perfusion activity in human primary motor cortex, abstract, video.
  • 0512 – Won Beom Jung (SKKU) – Neural activity-driven BOLD responses within the cortex occur first at synaptic input layers. abstract, video.
  • 0513 – Shinho Cho (CMRR) – Layer-specific orientation selectivity in cat visual cortex using 9.4 Tesla fMRI and multi-photon optical imaging, abstract, video.
  • 0514 – Sangcheon Choi (MPI Tuebingen) – Characterize laminar-specific interhemispheric functional coherence in resting-state fMRI using bilateral line-scanning fMRI (BiLS), abstract, video.
  • 0629 – Suhyung Park (Berkeley) – Highly Accelerated Sub-millimeter Resolution 3D EPI using Variable Density CAIPI Sampling with Temporal Random Walk for Functional MRI at 7 Tesla, abstract, video
  • 0630 – Anna Mueller (Maastricht) – Whole brain layer-fMRI: An open dataset for methods benchmarking, abstract, video
  • 0631 – Fuyixue Wang (MGH) – Simultaneous pure spin-echo and gradient-echo BOLD fMRI using Echo Planar Time-resolved Imaging (EPTI) for mapping laminar fMRI responses, abstract, video.
  • 0632 – Nils Nothnagel (Glasgow) – VASO-fMRI with Nordic-PCA for laminar sensory testing at 7 Tesla, abstract, video.
  • 0633 – Yuhui Chai, (NIH) – Topographical and Laminar Distribution of Audiovisual Processing within Human Planum Temporale, abstract, video.
  • 0634 – SoHyun Han (SKKU) – Double spin-echo EPI improves sensitivity and specificity for cortical depth-dependent BOLD fMRI in the human somatosensory cortex at 7 T, abstract, video.
  • 0635 – Sebastian Dresbach (Maastricht) – Mapping digit-representations in BA3b during stimulation and investigating their intrinsic connectivity at rest using VASO, abstract, video.
  • 0636 – Chencan Qian (Chinese academy of Sciences) – Layer- and column-resolved 7T fMRI reveals neural correlates of consciousness in human visual cortex and thalamus, abstract (no video available).
  • 0637 – Nikos Priovoulos (Spinoza) -Submillimeter Arterial Blood Contrast fMRI at 7T, abstract, video.
  • 0638 – Hsin-Ju Lee (Toronto) – Correlation between inter-cortical depth fMRI signals and oscillatory neuronal responses during music listening, abstract, video.
  • 2858 – Atena Akbari (Queensland) – Modelling Depth-Dependent VASO and BOLD Signal Changes in Human Primary Motor Cortex, abstract, video.
  • 2694 – Lasse Knudsen (Aarhus) A setup for 3 T submillimeter layer-dependent fMRI weighted toward microvasculature, abstract, video.
  • 3126 – Jianbao Wang (MGH) – Evaluation of spatial blur induced by preprocessing and distortion in UHF fMRI data, abstract, video.
  • 3368 – Miriam Heynckes (Maastricht) -Temporal deviant detection in human auditory cortex using high-field fMRI, abstract, video.
  • 3369 – Jiajia Yang (Okayama) – Layer-specific activation of prediction in the human midcingulate cortex, abstract, video.
  • 3373 – Jonathan Polimeni (MGH) – Dependence of CBV estimated from 7T Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast data on white matter tract and cortical gray matter orientation relative to B0. abstract, video.
  • 3374 – An Vu (UCSF) – Combining BOLD and CBV for enhanced fMRI CNR, abstract, poster.
  • 3375 – Jurjen Heij (Spinoza) – Combining functional and structural information for optimal planning during ultrahigh temporal resolution line-scanning, abstract, video.
  • 3376 – Seong Dae Yun (Juelich) – Mapping of Whole-brain Resting-State Networks with Half-millimetre Resolution using TR-external EPIK at 7T, abstract, poster.
  • 3377 – Luca Vizioli (CMRR) – New Frontiers of Human Neuroscience: 0.5 mm isotropic 7T in Vivo Human fMRI, abstract, Poster.
  • 3378 – Luisa Raimondo (Spinoza) – Multi-echo line-scanning for ultra-high spatiotemporal resolution: optimal settings for BOLD sensitivity enhancement, abstract, video.
  • 3379 – Hankyeol Lee (SKKU) – Laminar analysis of luminance-dependent visual activation in human V1 with voxel centroid mapping method, abstract, poster.
  • 3398 – Avery Berman (MGH) – Biophysical simulations of the BOLD fMRI signal using realistic imaging gradients: Understanding macrovascular contamination in Spin-Echo EPI, abstract, video.

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